CPR-Com-Puter Repair

CPR will be located in Johnson City. We offer friendly help and our employ's will offer the most help we can give you. Technology is still growing in this area and if you have any problems then we will help.

If CPR tries to fix your problem but fails then we will NOT make you pay. We will work as hard as we can to fix your problems no matter what.

What do you think when you hear computer repair? I think of a person working on a computer trying his/her best to fix the customers problem. I will personally find the best workers available. My workers will never be slackers and they will always try to fix your problems. You can contact me on my gmail account if you are intrested bayleekyte14@gmail.com also you can contact me at our store number. (423)-741-3849

The inside of a computer is very tricky and very specific. One wrong cut of a wire or one misplacement, the computer can be messed up. This is why we are going to have trained specialist so we don't mess up your computer even more.

We will have a list of agreements that you, the customer, will sign stating if we mess up your computer then we are responsible for it. Our signature will also be on this agreement. More about this will be seen on the next page.